What future hold for us?

Muhammad Fakharuddin
5 min readMar 27, 2020

Future with certainty is nothing but unknown, though you can change it if you will; God has endless set of possibilities. It is you who can chose to accept what you want.

Humans has a concept of future and past but for God there is no time element; everything is a now for him. So is this verse “That man can have nothing but what he strives for;” striving to see a future vision of ourselves is not some thing we should run away from. In fact Prophet PBUH himself narrated lots of hadith related to future event and it’s not something to be sensitive about to study to determine what might befall us. Similarly, one would find countless end time prophecies in other religions as well; and its only through his guidance you might be able to reach certain truths.

Obviously, what will occur is in knowledge of God and only his can determine the future.

Muhammad Iqbal, the renowned Islamic poet, has written: Divine knowledge must be conceived as a living creative activity, to which the objects that appear to exist in their own right are organically related. By conceiving God's knowledge as a kind of reflecting mirror, we no doubt save His foreknowledge of future events. But, it is obvious that we do so at the expense of His freedom. The future certainly pre-exists in the organic whole of God's creative life, but it pre-exists as an open possibility, not as a fixed order of events with definite outlines.

So as pandemic continue to take lives from us; its causing a big economic meltdown and recession. Countries are trying to pour in money, so economy can continue to breath. Most affected every where are daily wages worker who do not have any thing in savings and mostly rely on businesses to operate so they can continue to earn their livelihood. Another class of people who are being impacted are small to medium business; most probably they would not receive any compensation and will be pushed down the spiral; big business will get some sort of bail out but their will be job losses every where and big recession will set in.

On the forefront we see government are trying to minimize the down-turn effect of the virus, by pouring in money; which will make them weak economically and this will allow elites and especially the top 0.1 percent who owns all the wealth and power to turn this tide in their favor.

Two biggest change this pandemic will provide the elites to push forward with their agenda of creating a new ruling state of world; first changes in economic system, citing that current economic system is not sustainable as we can conclude through meltdown of 2008 and 2020 and need to replace it with a digital cashless currency like a crypto currency. They can cite multiple benefits for it like reducing corruptions due to more visibility, better taxation, reducing money laundering and theft and help keeping equality in a society.

But in turn this will give more power to them to control assets directly of any individual or small business to comply with their agendas and policies; since now all money will be a set of binaries sitting in a ledger and at mercy of them to be set to zero or manipulated.

Secondly as the governments all around the world will be weakened with so much human and economic losses, especially in middle east where governments are already debt ridden. This will allow to start a new theatre of war in Iran; reason being at that stage China and Russia who are two opposing forces delaying this act to start early will be busy in repair work of their economy and people and might not interfere.

Chances are this time around they will push Nato in front, obviously none of European countries want to be part of it with the havoc virus might end up doing to their economies; but my gut feeling is they will be pushed into it through a false flag operation or on the pretext that War will be helpful for their economy. Europe would gather around a leadership most probably originating in Germany. Russia might eventually join and help Iran and probably turkey will play a role as well but none of the other Muslim countries will be able to afford a war and hence might not patriciate. But this war will have massive casualties and will potentially be a nuclear war. Which means food and basic necessities will be not be available and nothing would be able to grow and resources would be few and far; even for areas which survive the impact radius.

Oil dependency of the world will continue to exist and so would Arab lands will continue to be in chaotic condition and would be used to control oil prices around as has been the case for so many years; Oil will continue to bring destruction to Arab land as Western countries will try to control and have authority over it. Especially with war and weaken economic condition of people Oil be a lucrative commodity.

Creating a new superpower in world, would require United States to lose it power and status as a super power, this could be caused by multiple possibilities.

One is USA will also become part of above war scenario discussed and will go head to head with Germany; getting lots of casualties and internally being sabotaged by elites who control government to not respond in a timely manner to occur the heavy casualties.

Another possibility is as the US economic conditions worsen with job losses and with bad health care; and government will be put under stress by GDP to debt ratio and fed would deny giving free money. With a political divide fueling already worsening condition and with a gun and ammunition culture in US it will not be astonishing to see anarchy would set in and could get very ugly. Eventually US would lose it legitimacy to be a sole superpower on Earth.

Overall future looks dark and gloomy, but we should all make an effort identify to understand the world from a broader humanistic perspective, rather than through a minute lens of nationalism as now we live in a global connected world and we cannot be immune to what is happening around the globe; as this Virus has proved.

We should also need to redefine progress and identify what is real vs what is baseless and virtual, un-ethical and immoral. We should try to find a better person in us each day every day; fight for the other human as we do for ourselves irrespective of his cast, color and creed. At the end of day its humanity which will suffer at the expense of handful few.

May be we could rewrite the future and delay what is upon us to few more years; if not hopefully God will be with you in time of calamity and fear to give calmness and peace.