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Muhammad Fakharuddin
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Religion (called Deen in Arabic) is a way of life, that encompasses every aspect of one's life, setting some basic principles and guidelines; in short, putting a circle around oneself and allowing one to play safe inside it.

Religion over the years has changed its meaning in people's minds, few have focused on its rituals; while few only focus on the part that provides wisdom, but many have tried to use It to achieve their objective; weaponizing it to control people and stamp their authority.

Modern intellectual man has developed a feeling of despise for this word as if removing it from the dictionary would make the world a better place. But this is quite contrary to how important it is.

Most of the hateful feelings have originated from the fact that human weakness of control and lust has corrupted religion over the years. We have in our imagination-crafted and edited religions over the years and once the human mind enters the sacred, the text loses its beauty and what it stands for and becomes a tool to control humans.

Eventually, it causes harm and becomes a road bearer to freedom, reasoning, and progress.

Wrote a piece on how Christianity has contributed to this feeling of vengeance toward religion

Misconceptions about religion, go far and wide so I would urge everyone, to please not let your presupposition creep into it while reading this, and look at it from a fresh perspective and open heart; Because where I stand and perceive it's the most important element missing in humanity and causing it to demise.

State of the world

Let us also look at major problems facing humanity and the world at large, so we can comment on how a simple belief system like Monotheism, can help solve them.

Disunited and dehumanized humans, we as a human species have lost touch with nature and ourselves, and have divided into multiple small groups, who do not trust each other.

We are trying to solve each issue individually, though we know historically we aspire in a community, and even drive a lot of our needs and identity through it.

The inequality graph is climbing, where a minute set of elites, are getting rich every day, while children are dying across countries of hunger and malnutrition.

At the core family level, we are struggling to keep the marriage bond together; which is causing the younger generation to struggle to develop a strong sense of belonging and a feeling of love and affection a child desires at a young age.

We are misusing natural resources, in the name of progress; and capitalism has created an atmosphere of a rat race, where nobody is thinking if certain actions will harm nature, other species, or our future generations. The weighing scale of every action is judged only by material means extracted, out of it.

we have cut and dissected the world into small pieces ( nation-states), and everyone feels threatened into investing in weapons to protect each other, which has caused progress in different weapon and nuclear programs, so instead of investing in human development, we are on the lookout to create the next best weapon technology which can kill more human and more quickly.

We are ruled by, some shape and form of authoritarianism, though it's said the developed world has a democracy, it's not true as we can observe there is a status quo and deep state in every country, and any elected leader abides by it, and leaders play by those rules and are rewarded to help maintain the status quo and if someone tried to break the knot, its dealt with a heavy hand and propagandized into a shred of a bin.

In short, we are stuck in a cycle of degeneration, where we are not able to produce new literature, art, or even a big brain of the past. We are more eager to produce more robotic humans, with chips in the body; every other human in the developed world is struggling to cope with loneliness, marriage crises, housing crises, and rising inflation.

We are more depressed than our forefathers, suffering from anxiety and the urge to disconnect from reality through drugs since we do not have the mental capacity to bear what is unfolding.

The Religion of Every Prophet

God sent multiple messengers and each of them preached one religion “monotheism”, which attributed every quality, gratitude, and inspiration to God's existence. and everything else is its creation.

The message of prophets evolved with time, as the human species matured, to include laws and obligations, necessary for that set of people in a certain time and space.

The basic theme of every prophet's message from Adam to Muhammad PBUH; stand on these principals.

  1. There is one God, with all the majesty and grandeur, who has created the earth, universe, and providence for humans.

2. This life is a test, so be conscious of your deeds and actions, and you will be judged for those, irrespective of how big and small they are.

3. Prophets were sent, (being in human form and speaking the native language) so they could inspire people to come toward Justice or stop them from oppressing each other; and if they witness injustice, they should try to stop it and not be part of it.

Justice is quite a broader term but essentially means putting the right value to an entity to which it deserves; and treating it true to its real nature.


In a broader and generic term, monotheism can be defined as follows.

God is one, is all-powerful, knowing, merciful, and a sustainer of what we see all around us (, it does intervene as it wills and hold the world together; it does not show up else it will defeat the purpose of free will.

Have sent down great Prophets like Jesus, Moses, Noah, Muhammad, and many more; some with books and others with guidance, and all preached the same message: monotheism.

Humans are a perfect combination of body and soul, We humans are provided with free will and consciousness (soul), which is not provided to other species; the consciousness guides us in identifying truth and morality, on the other side body has a materialistic existence; is attracted toward earthly means to fulfill its desire. So there is a constant struggle between the two forces in our existence, hence the battle is to keep the lower desires at bay and be able to keep a sound heart and not let it astray.

We have multiple weaknesses of lust, ego, and acquiring power and life is a test to let go of those weaknesses, by holding on to the right path, which is provided by our intellect, morality through the soul, and God's law ( which reaches us through different prophets).

Humans are vicegerent (of the One) to this world, and they have been given the ability and luxury to explore this world and universe and make it useful for themselves.

Satan (and its party) are our enemies, it wants to divide humans and make them disunited and fight with each other. Satan's existence is driven by the fact that it wants humans to not realize their self and in turn make them slaves of their desires or become a slaves to each other.

There is a Judgment day, and we will be judged and salvation is only through the actions that we have performed during our stay on the earth; so every action is recorded and will be presented, on the big day, and based on context, our abilities will be judged with justice.

Finding Truth and Beauty are human endeavors, if one follows them and tries to implement them, one will find God.

Any group of humans (family, tribe, society) can only survive if it is based on Justice; otherwise, corruption will enter it and eventually, it will be destroyed.

There are sets of dos and don’ts, don’t is pretty much common in all Abrahamic religions (alcohol, interest, fornication, eating kosher), other than it demands certain obligations (do’s) which vary between them; but the general ruling and guidance, appeal to human morality by promoting to speak the truth, being honest, clean, fulfill obligations, don’t break blood relationship, taking care of parents and love your neighbor,…

Trying to stop injustice from happening, try to do it with your hand, if not then with your tongue, and if not at least consider it bad in your heart.

There is more to it, but the above covers mostly the basics, and it’s quite simple.

How monotheism will solve today's problem

Nature of Man and Progress

First monotheism, identify the nature of man, correctly, if we become an evolved animal then all we should care about is our food, sex with an inmate, somewhere to live, and gaining more power to sustain our family.

Since we are not animals, but vicegerent of God on earth we are responsible for keeping high moral standards, safeguarding the earth, using its resources diligently, and do not break the natural order of things.

With this concept, any progress or invention will be considered a victory of humanity and a means to benefit it instead of a tool to subdue it. It's a morality-first approach to progress.

The concept of judgment day, will keep us aware of our actions and intentions; so we are on a constant lookout that our actions will not hurt anyone, or is it in line with our moral code? This will inspire the masses to care for another human, and see it as an equal human being instead of another being of a different race, color, or nationality.

Our modern concept of progress, disassociates ourselves from past and future, by brightening the possibilities of materialistic gain it can help us achieve, while a monotheistic religion keeps us rooted in our history by putting examples of nations before who have been eventually destroyed, yet how powerful they were.

Religion put examples of great Prophets in front of people as role models, who despite resistance stood by for a greater cause that was beyond their idea of individuality or derived from their lower materialistic self.

Overcoming human's lower desire

Monotheism recognizes human has lower desires, for sex, drugs, cheating, power, and lust instead of rejecting them, aspires humans to go beyond them.

The test of life is to balance out those two opposing characteristics of humans into taming the lower self and overcoming them with the power of truth, beauty, and unity of human consciousness.

Concepts like God is powerful and knowing, and is with us all the time, make us question our every action because even nobody would know about it; but still, God will bring that small deed on the day of judgment; so we need to improve and come up with a better version of ourselves.

A set of do’s and don't allow us to stay away from taking in those bad substances that switch us off from reality, and it allows us to be more aware, by stating them as harmful and sinful for us.

Society has made a trend to work certain days and doze off for rest in the name of entertainment; but following monotheism, removes that laziness and individuality and helps produce a human personality that has broken away from these shackles of bad influences, by staying away from them and is now ready to help it ownself, its family and fellow human being.

Unity of humans and community building

Today the human mindset is grounded in individuality, which makes us selfish by attributing what we have in terms of time, wealth, and power to our greatness and self-loathe.

But for a follower of a monotheistic religion, those provisions are provided to gauge you, those are not your possessions but are given to you, and are allowed to use them but they also include shares of people around you.

This mindset encourages you to take care of your parents, extended family, and elderly in society; making good relationships with neighbors and the needy around you.

Also, it helps create a harmonious society that is willing to stand for each other, by not looking down while helping but as someone equal; but who has not been provided (by God), and now it's my responsibility to help care for them.

Means to end the problem of Suffering

Human suffering is multiple-faceted, but one common problem humans struggle to cope with is the loss or deprivation of certain things that others possess.

In a standard definition of today's world, it does not make sense if life ends here on this world, then one person is definitely at a loss; but in the theology of monotheism, since life is a temporary abode and there is another life based on this worldly realm, one can deal with those emotions of loss lot patiently and submit to the fact that what we lose is temporary, and is not worthy of our worries and there is a greater reward in return.

Similarly, feelings of guilt make a few suffer; another common theme is fear and anxiety of different phobias; that one constructs out of thin air; faith helps calm them by making an individual certain of their actions because it's based and rooted in sound teaching.

In the same manner, the sense of an always-available entity; which is ready and listening, makes one calm that if one does a certain guilty act, it can always return, repent, and be hopeful of being wiped clean of those misdeeds.

Slavery of another human

The ideology of a monotheistic God stops an individual from bowing down to multiple gods; how much we despise religion to set ourselves free from the guidelines it provides; but eventually one way or another we are praying and following some version of God. It could be a nation, a group, a church, a race, and sometimes even our desires.

So why bow down to one God? it's because out of gratitude, as an all-powerful and loving God; does not need anything from us in return, we can only love and pay respect to God; who has made the care, sustenance, and providence to humanity its responsibility,

Also since this entity, which is complete on its own and has no need for any other dependency; fulfills the concept of perfect beauty; which naturally deserves our gratitude and praise.

On the contrary, any other god instead of the One will make us lose our own identity and will cause more suffering; since eventually it will not be able to provide love and mercy back

Controlling Inequality and In-Justice

If we have to define our current world; in two words, Inequality and Injustice perfectly describe it.

Inequality is constantly rising and the masses are finding it hard, even to have two proper meals a day while war and conflict are common themes of the day.

In the same manner, we have been unjust to ourselves, by not making the most of our time and resources, instead being dopamine-ted into consuming different substances while keeping us numb to survive another day; this sentiment is causing pain and suffering across families and nations.

How does a God-given religion solve injustice, by assigning and establishing respect for the human life and equality of all humans and, ascending its potential to make any change to reality as it likes, inspiring it to be creative (God-like) but also be humble and considerate of itself and its core circle (nuclear family) of people who have been given to it as responsibility.

Once everyone starts to take care of their circle and is aware of their rights and responsibilities, these circles can combine and push each other to hold strong and help each other.

Similarly, monotheism inspires the individual to create a just society; as a manifestation of a Just God; who is overlooking them and expecting them to create the same balance as is evident in the cosmos.

Two simple ways it prescribes to fix inequality and justice, one is to ban usuary, which is the founding block of making money out of thin air and subduing other humans ( as we can see from history bankers have provided monetary means on both sides of a war to make a profit out of it) and to create a more equal society it prescribes it followers to give a certain percentage of their saving to the needy and poor ( called Zakat in the monotheism of Islam).

Religion has come to be known as restricting freedom

But this version of a monotheistic religion that we have described is liberating, it's trying to make each individual more aware of itself, rooting itself to connect with its history and nature and remove any uncertainty of the future ( as God is in control of everything and their destiny).

In the process allowing humans to look at each other equally with respect since they all came from the same seed of Adam.

By putting a center concept of Judgment, it's trying to squash any bad action one is trying to act on and the other side for anyone being oppressed, giving them hope that this life is temporary and if they remain patient and preserve under those conditions, they will be successful and will be rewarded hereafter.

Therefore raising the bar for humanity to produce and improve a better version of themselves and create a Just and equal society.

The idea of Satan; whose sole objective is to disunite humans and create disharmony and conflict among them; eludes to the fact that we should constantly be on the lookout, and not let it exploit our lower desires;

Similarly, if an Evil force (or group or government ) tries to destabilize Justice and oppress people; it commands those God-conscious people to rise to the occasion and not let them destroy the peace.

Challenging — Wrong Attributes associated with monotheism

Let's try to argue on some objections raised on this sacred teaching of monotheism; and why a thought process that proclaims its divinity, has these universal principles and can set this world in a better state of Justice comes to be associated as backward and irrational.

One note, while arguing on these common themes, one would notice a combination of the below points, which led people to question this quite logical religion

  1. Failure of personnel holding on to that sacred text; and not necessarily the text itself; an appropriate example would be the Muslims of today, who have a perfectly secured copy of their text, but after being under colonization rule and then being run by corrupt political leadership have become stuck in a form of traditional orthodoxy; and not capable on to holding and understanding their religion.
  2. In a few cases, the text got lost or corrupted, and the human mind entered it while recreating it ( today Christianity)
  3. Humans preaching religious texts are motivated, to use religion to gain more power and authority through it; tries to use it in its favor. Papacy and Reformation are good examples, but other than that quite a few battles and conflicts have originated to score political gains in the name of religion.

Against Science and intellectual inquiry — a monotheistic religion talks about a God who is the creator of everything, and nothing moves without its will, and who made humans vicegerent on earth and made the whole universe in service to humankind.

Why would it send a text that, goes against rationality or intellect? this objection fundamentally goes against monotheistic God attributes; because everything is created and fashioned by it; so how could it be the one who would not know about it?

So what is the problem, this idea mainly originated when the Pope during the Reformation period, tried to establish its authority by working with oligarchs and rulers; in retaliation when society moved away from religion, most of the modern thinkers and intellect based their knowledge on individualism and liberalism and hate for religion and God; but the question arise does the religion was the problem here or the human weakness.

Muslims also have a golden age and never have these ideas of anti-religion cross their mind; but for the last few hundred years since Western thought has been dominant, these concepts are a must to adopt for a person claiming to be rational.

Curtailing freedom, we briefly touch on this subject above, yes monotheist religion puts some restrictions of do’s and don't on a person, but those are mostly to discipline an individual, and to ensure it will keep away from bad substance and influences to have a heightened form of relationship to reality and be present and more aware; instead of dozing off in the name of freedom with sex, drugs, and gambling.

Another important factor, monotheism helps achieve is ensuring no human bows down to other humans, since it puts us all as equal, giving the concept no amount of worldly good ( or race or nation) makes a difference;

So any individual enjoins the same basic human rights, because it's a God-given right to him, so if anyone tries to snatch it ( be it the government) that more aware individual should stand up for his right; consider a society where a group of these individual exist would they let any other group be oppressed or devoid of their rights?

Fear of Punishment and Guilt, one could argue that the Concept of a judgment will cause someone to live in fear and guilt all the time.

Monotheistic religion talks about a God who is the most loving and merciful and always on the lookout to fulfill the needs that it has created, so this removes a burden if someone commits a crime, still, there is a possibility to attain God's mercy.

Also, we have to realize God is the most Just God; it will be an injustice to another human if an Evil person gets the same reward as a pious person; and not be accounted for its bad action.

Similarly fear is beneficial to keep a person more aware of their actions; so there is a higher possibility that it will fulfill their rights better, and it will also ensure that whoever it is responsible for is treated properly.

There are a couple, of other ways of looking at this, one could say a monotheistic person will be a more grateful person; after realizing what he possesses; both materialistically and in terms of relationships was given by God, and now out of that love and gratitude it will perform all those duties to best of its abilities. So how we can see those actions are out of fear and not out of love.

An alternate view is that not every human will think in the same way, there are bad apples everywhere so when a person fortifies and runs away from their responsibilities and causes harm and suffering to society and follows their desire; we can instill fear or remind it of the fact that God is judging those actions and they are being recorded, so here in this world life it can temporarily be joyous of those acts but eventually has to be answerable.

Problem of suffering, most people today end up being agnostic because they cannot fathom how a loving God can bring about catastrophes like earthquakes, storms, and famines; So either it's not loving or it's not all-powerful.

Suffering is a comprehensive term, it is quite possible that one seems happy but internally is depressed, and the same happens when people take their lives ( we touched on this subject above, how Monotheistic religion helps calm this type of suffering)

Another type of suffering is created by the hands of humans, Wars or conflicts, human-created starvation; fighting between two groups because of wrong ideologies; and historically speaking, some of the prominent Evil Characters who killed millions are Hitler, Mao, and Pol Pot.

This is a major reason, why we need a Strong Ideology like Monotheism which can counter these wrong ideologies and their results.

A valid question arises; as to why nobody came to a stop when these atrocities were committed by these brutal men?

Suffering is a very integral part of the test ( that monotheism religion stands for) for it is necessary to test human perseverance, its evolutions, and progress, even new ideas and leaders were born in times of crises. Even prophets went through different hardships, persecuted and killed; one can argue why the all-powerful God did not save them.

On a similar note, we need to understand, that God does what it wills and nobody can question its decision, but its decision is based on unlimited wisdom and Justice, and the fact is if someone goes through hardship ( as part of a test and God’s will) Gog can always return the favor it in a better shape in life after.

Consider you have a belonging ( which you own), now you can break it or keep it safe, it's up to you; how would you feel if someone questioned you about it? In the same manner, God has authority over what it created ( but its actions are based on reason which is beyond our comprehension)

On the same principle, if Calamity strikes it's possible it can be to reduce a set population, that is perpetuating injustice in the world; like would you be Okay if Hitler’s army was destroyed by an earthquake, or would you still be agnostic about the fact.

Or the situation of calamity arises to test a group so they are reminded of God’s law and return to its way.

Wrote a piece on the concept of chosen people, which might help clear up some points ( if one is looking for more detail on that topic).


We have created a society, where everyone has their truths; based on their desires, and is not willing to let them go; though those beliefs are not something which they have evidence for; but are based on societal trends, or originated from wrong practices of corrupt religious practices or ideologies driven by lower human desire.

In such a state of the world, Evil reigns supreme, because it's successful in making each of us enemy of the other since we do not have a common shared value to hold on to, we are divided into multiple lines and do not trust each other; even its becomes hard to give the same respect to a life of a human being; it matter more which nation that person belongs to or what is color of its skin is.

Most of our leaders are driven, by the same evil ideologies, because this world is an end of life to most of them, and they have been made high by the drink of the power of authority of those positions which they hold.

We are on the cusp of nuclear and natural disasters, but no one cares as we are busy making the next good billionaire, out of the ever-deteriorating earth.

We work hard as a selfish gene for five days and then rest like animals for the next two days; but why would one care if other fellow human beings are dying of starvation, or struggling to feed or seek a doctor for its ailing child? It is none of the business of a selfish mind.

Even most of our elders and parents live a lonely and depressed life, why because that is what society has taught us. And on the flip side, young ones are addicted to different substances and we do not have any quality time to spend with them and help them through their needs.

Monotheism is the necessary balance we all need more than ever, as it establishes human potential, dignity, and respect, makes humans responsible for their actions, and provides the liberating force to explore and use nature ethically.

It connects us to history and gives a sense of the future. It's like a strong tree; whose roots are firm and whose branches reach the heavens. It's logical and appeals to the rational mind by allowing it to question and explore the universe; but under some guidelines, to help them strong on the right path.

It is also important if humanity needs to survive in this world; since if everyone is uncertain about the truth, then no one will be left to fight the Evil ( and its party); since those forces are very certain about the destruction of human dignity and maintaining the status quo, to keep us divided.

The monotheistic message is universal, and it appeals to the consciousness of human nature and demands mercy toward another human; it is perfectly logical and asks its followers to use their intellect instead of just following society and their desires.

I Hope you arrive at the Truth and Beauty of your creator; who is always waiting and a step away from your heart.

Righteousness is not that you turn your faces toward the east or the west, but [true] righteousness is [in] one who believes in God, the Last Day, the angels, the Book, and the prophets and gives wealth, in spite of love for it, to relatives, orphans, the needy, the traveler, those who ask [for help], and for freeing slaves; [and who] establishes prayer and gives zakah; [those who] fulfill their promise when they promise; and [those who] are patient in poverty and hardship and during battle. Those are the ones who have been true, and it is those who are the righteous (Quran: 2:177)