Israel, Palestine Conflict: Hate generates Hate.

Muhammad Fakharuddin
7 min readOct 11, 2023
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Complex story to be summed up in an article, with a long history both religious and political, a story with wrong decisions, lots of death, suffering, and inhuman acts committed to gain a small piece of land.

First religious side of the conflict, the Land of Palestine has historically been a sacred place to Muslims, Jews, and Christians.

It’s a land of prophets and one will find reference to it in all Abrahamic texts and books; this significance should have resulted in being a protected place and areas around it should have been declared a kind of free state if there exists such a term.

The problem lies in the future as much as in the past. Unfortunately, the State of Israel (Zionist) believes that for them to be more influential and messianic age to appear they need to build the temple and gain control of the area.

Christians (especially Evangelical) believe that the second coming of Jesus is tied to the Jewish messianic age and hence support the state of Israel.

Muslims also have similar text, but they have no intention to support or defy other religions in their quest, but the land of Palestine happens to be in Arab land so Muslims were in the majority when Israel was created.

Orthodox Jews are not in favor of the idea that Jews should come together to live in one place for their world dominance to happen.

It's very hard to get an unbiased opinion on the conflict since the media is driven by a capitalistic mindset, this article put some light on how narratives have changed in media over the years

Back to a recent history of the last 100 years, if one is looking for a more detailed version please refer.

Again, the colonizer (the Brits), in 1917 after the fall of the Ottoman empire pledged to create a home for Jews, which is known as the Balfour declaration, and Jews started moving into the land, and especially after the Holocaust it became easier to sell the idea of a Jewish state and drive people to move into this holy land.

Israel was declared as a state in 1948 and admitted to the UN and Jews who were 6% and living peacefully in Ottoman rule increased to 46 percent of the land.

Above, Jewish refugees arrive in Palestine with a banner proclaiming: “The Germans destroyed our families and homes — don’t you destroy our hopes”

It’s obvious as Jews started moving into the promised land, they needed more space and territory, which meant more conflict. Israel being weak initially supported well by Brits and then Americans; both military and financially.

Jews being also very influential and rich were able to change the narrative in media in their favor and it also allowed them to support the state as it got stronger in its pursuit to protect the land they were occupying, and in the process displacing Arabs.

Conflict means human suffering on both sides especially Arabs since they are weak and neighboring countries, though the majority of Muslim countries have been politically and militarily kept unstable by the West to not put resistance to the state.

More conflict and instability in the region not only justify the expansion of the state but also allow sympathy around the world as being the only Jewish democratic state which is surrounded by Muslim countries which are dictatorial in nature.

In Israel, Fear and Hope are tools used, to get local support of Jewish people and those Jews living around the world, so they keep their alliance to state strong and keep supporting their narrative. It’s easier to get support from a tribal mind living in a state of fear of attack, and where they can connect to their culture, food, and beliefs. Also, Jews with a history of being persecuted cherished the idea of a state where they are in the majority and are protected.

It is not necessary that all Jews will comply with the idea of one nation-state of Israel which eventually means dragging all Arabs out of the land they call home, but the idea of a state where they can live according to their idea of life, a land which they have a historical connection to and where there broken temple lies, sound too convincing.

What is the mistake of Arab people being displaced or forced to leave their land?

In the face of inhuman conditions; as Gaza Strip is termed as the biggest open-air prison. They can also claim the right to the land where their forefathers were born and their children; where they were living in harmony with all the other religions and minorities, before the creation of the state of Israel.

Feel empathy for them, since they are weak and do not have strong alliances and support of the powerful West today and living in a terrible spot.

They are also played into the situation and would feel helpless since the countries in the region along with other organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah might not follow or listen to what the people of the land want; so any brutality from Israel when retaliated how small it would be people of the region would be tempted to support it, or else they do not have any hope from the international community to have any heart at solving their problems.

Concluding remarks and thoughts, regarding a conflict that has more grief and brutalities waiting to be arrived at, where a state blinded by its beliefs has overtaken the rational minds and is fueling itself on hate on both sides of the wall, a place where so many scars are born each day with nothing to heal them with, where in schools it's being thought that we are better than them and where humanity is losing each day.

Colonizing power of the West, deliberately left disputes like Kashmir and Palestine open, so it would keep the region unstable and allow them to play sides, now over time they have become vastly complex, and the world has moved on, as if to say we do not care; but people suffer, grief and then being used to fight the other side putting more fuel to the fire.

Every human has the right to freedom, so if the people of the land despite how weak they are fight for their basic rights we should support them, it should not matter which religion they belong to, which language they speak, and which part of the land they live in.

People living in the West, should push their government to find a solution to the Palestinian conflict and not just play the UN card of a silent and mute spectator, most of the West is responsible for this situation first in the form of Jewish persecution and then settling them in a land where already people are living and then instead of creating a harmonized society with some rule they made each other fight and in the process of destabilizes the region.

This conflict also should serve as a big question mark to all those who hold secularist and liberalist ideas in high regard, because essentially those regimes created this, and even today while they are champions of those ideas still support and serve in the formation of a state which is found on basis of religion and its expansion goals are drive based on it. So next time please come up with a better theory.

People in Israel and those who support a Jewish state to be a power in the region to kick off a messianic age, you will not gain anything by terminating or pushing the people away to find a place which you can call home, love generates love and hate generate hate; finding peace and common ground is the way forward. Please do not get blinded by the idealism of promised land and do not let the propaganda of a state drag you more into this dispute.