Get on a boat

Muhammad Fakharuddin
2 min readApr 2, 2020

As the rain started to pound, people stared gathering their essentials, children and herd to safety. But as it started getting heavier; people stated realizing its not an ordinary rain as the water level started to rise sharply.

There was panic and chaos as everyone tried to figure out what is happening and what they must do; In the midst of all confusion a man named Nuh (Noah) gathered his followers and told them it’s time to boat.

Some wise people decided mountain should be a good option to save themselves if exceeding water level rises cause; and they started climbing mountains; thinking they made an intelligent decision and mountain should be strong and tall enough where they can survive.

Nuh in-fact asked his family members to join him but his family member think their decision is wise enough and mountain should suffice for them; but little would they know.

Everybody knows how the story ends, God helped saved Nuh and his followers who get on a boat; along with pairs of animals and helped them dock safely on a dry land.

Now we are back in the middle of a crises and people are confused what to do; how to save their essentials and loved ones. Then there are thousands of man and women playing the role of wise persons printing articles, research work, remedies, solutions to explain this weird phenomenon that is causing fear and stress.

Along this some faintly dim noises are calling out people and asking to find the boat book; hidden somewhere from their heart, which is the solutions to their problems; which will be able to provide the calmness their heart needs in this deep violent ocean and will be able to dock it through to a peaceful land where they can grow again.

We have a decision to make either we will make it to top of the mountain or get on a boat or found hanging in between.